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"Take Advantage of the TWO Highest Converting
Marketing Tactics, All Done within the Power of Emails"

Email Spike is a combination of
2 power-packed email marketing apps...

Add Embedded Videos & Animated GIFs to Any Email Campaign

  • Embed Playable Video

    Embed Playable Video directly inside your promotional emails (note: if the email client doesn’t support video, we automatically switch it out with a clickable Fallback “Video”)

  • Create Any MP4 Video

    Create Any MP4 Video that you want to embed into your email

  • Animated YouTube Video

    Create Animated “Videos” from any YouTube Video to Copy and Paste a Clickable “video” into your emails.

  • Powerpoint Style Videos

    Powerpoint Style Videos. Create multiple slides into an animated embeddable and clickable GIF image, looking and acting like a true powerpoint-style VSL.

  • At a Glance Dashboard

    At a glance dashboard, with videos sorted by campaigns for easy organization.

  • Built-in GIF Image

    Built-in & hosted Fallback GIF image creator for email clients that do not support MP4 video embed.  Nothing to upload to 3rd party hosting sites.

  • HTML5 Browser Supported

    HTML5 browser supported, perfect for both desktop and mobile devices.

  • Select Video Dimensions

    Select any video dimensions that you want displayed in your email. Support 16:9 / HD formats.

  • Simply Copy and Paste

    Simply copy and paste a few lines of code into your email.

Add Embedded Countdown Timers to Any Email Campaign

  • At a Glance Dashboard

    At a glance dashboard of all of your active and expired timers.

  • Professionally Designed

    Select from our large list of professionally designed countdown timers and timer expiration designs.

  • Full Customization

    Full control and customization of the Font Type, Font Size, Font Color, Background Color, GIF Size and Day Display.

  • Language Translation

    Can be translated into 50+ of the most popular languages.

  • Accurate Analytics

    Accurate analytics and impressions count for each timer.

  • Fully Hosted

    Fully hosted, with nothing to install.

  • Simply Copy and Paste

    Simply copy and paste one line of code into your email.

  • Mobile Devices Supported

    Works great on mobile devices like iPhone, iPad, and Android.

  • Works in All Email Clients

    Works in all email clients, including Gmail, Outlook, AOL, Yahoo! Mail, Thunderbird, Live Mail, Apple Mail and more.

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What Can YOU Accomplish With Email Spike?

Happier, Hungrier Buyers

Other email marketing tools concentrate on capturing, tracking, and deliverability.
This is the first that concentrates on conversion tactic.


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ANY Type of Marketing Email"

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Frequently Asked Questions & Answers

Do we need to host anything to use Email Spike?

No, we host everything so all you need to do is create your timer or video embed and copy it into your email client.

Are there any limitations when using Email Spike?

No, you can create an unlimited number of timers and video embeds, as well as never worry about any type of impression limits - however this is only for charter members.

Does Video Spike work with every email client?

Yes and No.  Every email client handles embedded videos differently.  Not ALL email clients support embedded videos currently, but that is why we have a fallback GIF or image that will display if we recognize the email client does not support embedable videos.

This article will give you a breakdown of which email clients support video embed.

Does EmailSpike work with any email marketing service?

EmailSpike can work with any email marketing service.  For VideoSpike, depending on the users email client it will either show the video OR a fallback GIF/image depending on if their email client support embeddable video.  So its on a per user basis.

Does Email Spike work for mobile users?

Yes, your timers and videos/animated GIFs will look great on any mobile device.

Can I white-label/rebrand Email Spike?

No, unfortunately we do not offer a white-label or brandable version of EmailSpike at this time.

Grab the Timer Spike & Video Spike Bundle!

Only $47/mo One Time Price of $197

Get Charter Access Now